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Hurrah for stalling. Hurrah for finding people who are WILLING to pitch in with work stuff. Bah to another 4 deadlines at once. The first kept me up until 4 am this morning, but I'm getting kudos for sticking it out, and it should be done some time tomorrow. Should have been today, but as of this afternoon I'm competing with resources to get the job done. Still, I don't need to watch it closely any more.

Second deadline is Monday. Inching closer to being ready, but I'll be cutting it close. That does mean that I'll be in the office a fair bit over the weekend, but doing so helped convince two other folks to help with the development efforts.

Third deadline is also Monday, but consists of connecting to a database and creating a database schema. Not even actually creating the whole schema, but even an ERD (entity/relationship diagram) will suffice. This is has been delayed to be used as a brain break when item #2 overwhelms me.

Fourth deadline is COB Wednesday, and includes #2 and a few other things. But if I can get there, I should be safe to spend time at the beach and relax for a couple days (from next Thursday to Sunday). Ocean City, MD. Sun, sand, people, heat, waves, salty air ... I'm so looking forward to it. I've been repeating I will not be here Thursday the 20th like a mantra to everyone.

Anyway, nose back to the grindstone for the moment. Hopefully I'll remember that whole story idea I came up with yesterday. Shouldn't be easy to forget. Wish I had time to write more fiction.

- Pookah

PS: Tuesday's Guster concert was excellent. Our seats were like 10th row, and a bunch of the 9th row in front of us had attended just to see Ray Lamontaigne, leaving a gap during the main part of the show. I also found out they have a new album that just came out a couple weeks ago. They picked up a bass player and a regular-style drum kit, so the style is drifting more towards general rock. I'm intrigued, but I'm not sure it'll stick in my brain quite so well. Singing songs like Demon, Airport and Amsterdam were definitely very cathartic. Especially Demon. I doubt that's any surprise to anyone who knows me and the song lyrics.

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