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Buzz buzz buzz

Yeah, it's been another one of those busy bee weeks. But, there's light coming. Work has been the major stress-out factor, and I know it's made me generally antsy. I've got a big development deadline on Monday, and a production data deadline Friday. If the process continues at the rate it's been going, the data stuff looks like it's in the bag for wrapping up Thursday. Barring any other freak occurrences. The development is just going to kick my ass all week, as it has for a couple weeks now.

But last week I said "heck with it" and gave myself sanity break time amidst the insanity. To wit, I played some Warcraft, helped host Friday dinner (<3 my grill), hung out on my parents' boat for the first time on Saturday & finished watching Chrono Crusade. Sunday I caught Pirates of the Caribbean, and I liked it. Some people may say it's got sequel-itis, but that's just because the first movie has an ending that stands better on its own. This one's more of a cliffhanger, but the wheel scene is still SO awesome.

I was also supposed to attend a concert and totally botched the timing on that one when it started way earlier that I thought it would. Absent mind strikes again. But I've got another concert tonight ... Guster @ Pier Six concert pavilion. Hurrah for the congolier.

The sliding "it'll get better" window is at least closer. July 20th I head for Ocean City for a couple days, and early August is booked solid. That's a different and more fun kind of busy.

- Pookah

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