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Being forgetful is quite a pain, and can turn me into a freaking-out gibbering idiot when I lose important things.

But occasionally it leads to an interesting adventure. Like today, where my morning & afternoon were spent on work, then I discovered my remote access token was inesperado. And you know that's a bitch. I'd just used it Thursday and it never leaves my house, so when it was not found even after much searching of the premises, I ended up heading south to visit the office and check my desk on the far-outside chance I'd taken it into the office. Not a very plausible scenario, but neither was the fact that it did not appear to be near where I left it.

My wife came with me, so we did actually see each other for more than just lunch today. Chatted some in the car on the ride down south, and she had never seen my office before. I showed her around, pointing out landmarks and notable buildings. We even hit one of my favorite sushi places down there. No luck on finding the token there, but I was able to do what I'd expected to do from home.

After we get home, I resignedly head back out to check the bar I had drinks in on Thursday night right after I'd used the remote access. Since I'd known I was leaving the house with the intention of drinking beer that night, it was even less plausible that I'd take it with me, But before I could reach the bar and have to pester a bouncer about "lost & found" I got a phone call from my wife. She'd found it. In the one place downstairs I hadn't thought to look. Inside the box of tissues.

Looking around the room now, I don't see any other containers or horizontal services that I'd left unchecked. But I'm glad it was recovered. VERY glad. Yay for destressifying.

Earlier I felt like it's sort of a HAL-type moment. "My mind is going ... I can feel it." Now I've progressed to the point of being able to laugh about it, and I got there quicker than I thought I would.

So Saturday was basically work, World Cup soccer, unexpected DC trip/wild goose chase, sushi, and a little bit of Farcry. I do, in fact, live in interesting times.

- Pookah

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