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Back from Ohio (leaving Eddie behind)

I'll include more obscure musical references in one of my next posts, whenever I'm done identifying some of the song lyrics that have some kind of special significance to me.

Anyway, Ohio was a great trip. The last two big gatherings of this group of college friends did not include me, because they happened during the last two GenCon conventions and were not in Indianapolis. It was great to see people, and I had plenty of time to chat about the latest news and other light-hearted topics. And the occasional serious point, too. I cracked several unnecessary jokes, so hopefully that's not what people remember of me.

We did play a few games of Sequence, which is as easy to learn as advertised. We also watched a bunch of the trivia from the Harry Potter Scene-It DVD without actually playing the game. I learned more Harry Potter details from that DVD and the surrounding discussion ... but anyway. One friend got to announce engagement in person, one friend got help with moving things across town, one friend was visibly pregnant but still happy to host us (and geek out over anime with me). Eureka 7 looks like it's worth checking out, and I'll start Naruto watching soon-ish.

The weekend rainstorms stuck us at the airport for several hours on Sunday, but I found an outlet and fired up the laptop so my brain wasn't a total loss. I watched a couple more episodes of Grenadier (up to episode 10, and it looks like it's a 13-episode series) and patched two nagging bugs in a website, though I couldn't upload the patch until we got home.

The nasty rains added a little turbulence to the end of the flight, but the weekend as a whole was pretty good. Since I knew weather and scheduling were going to be lousy I was able to call ahead and plan for working from home on Monday. With all the nastiness that ensued on Monday in DC I'm glad I was able to avoid joining the delayed or stranded crowds.

Now it's back to miracle-working in an attempt to meet my end-of-month deadlines. I just wish it wasn't plural.

- Pookah

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