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Yesterday I was in a bit of a mental haze most of the day. On my way in to work I daydreamed very vividly, and it took long enough to clear from my head that I wonder where the definition of daydream ends and hallucination begins.

Hopefully I've made my life somewhat easier today by automating the generation of some of the daily statistics work I need to do. But we're getting closer and closer to Ye Olde Nexte Deadline. Bah on work chat. Tonight is another friend's birthday trip to Vaccaro's, the downtown dessert catering place. This time I'll remember to eat dinner first and steer clear of the coffee drinks.

And in other news, I found translated pages of a manga that I first heard about online. It's called Fate/Stay Night. The name's a little odd, but it came on a recommendation and I think the story concept is cool. Every decade or so, there is a hidden war going on as 7 magi (called Masters) fight for possession of the Holy Grail. Each Master has a Servant, a hero of legend imbued with special powers who fights in their place. But the Servants don't necessarily remember or let on much of their past, and some even have agendas of their own. They do have specific weapons they're associated with, and use pseudonyms based on that, like Saber (the main character's Servant) or Lancer or Archer. Throw in a liberal sprinkling of tie-ins to ancient myths as sources for the legendary heroes and you've got yourself the start of an interesting story. If I can find a good one, I'll post an image or two for S&G.

- Pookah

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