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Jun. 6th, 2006

Hooray for home repair. Thanks to wmtrainguy, my house is back in business. The prime suspect was an outside culprit, and it turned out to be right. The front pole lamp (a generally shady character) was the problem. Or at least, somewhere outside the house. After identifying most of the stuff on the circuit, we were able to narrow it down quickly. Especially once we realized that the ugliest splice job in the world was actually on the cable that led outside.

So the splice was replaced with a box & switch and power is restored to everything except the lamp. The short is probably somewhere in the ground in the direct-buried wire. The lightpost was one of those permanently-on things with a light sensor. And with a street lamp right across the street, I think our road is too bright at night anyway. I had already loosened the bulb before to disable the light, this just makes it more official. Let the moths gravitate AWAY from my driveway.

As for work, this month is shaping up to be hell. Way too much to do in too little time, now. Were it not for the headache I'm fighting, I'd consider writing more. Some life, some thoughts, some fiction, some all of the above. Maybe later.

- Pookah

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