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May. 29th, 2006

It's been a fun weekend. I say that despite spending 12+ hours at the office today. We're pushing hard on a deadline for someone else's release, and they look like they're crashing and burning without us standing in their way. Since we had originally scoped for Friday completion, we were pushing hard to try to get it squared away in time for them. Looks like I've got the green light to head home for some sleep once we hit the point of diminishing returns. That's improved my mood immeasureably.

I also did some work on Saturday, prepping for today's marathon so I could take all of Sunday as slack time. And wonderful slack it was. dasquish and wife came by, and the four of us watched 11 EPISODES of Chrono Crusade. Yay! And we swam at the pools (with pictures) and we had brunch at Red Brick Station, and good food from the new local steakhouse, and lively games of Tsuro and Cranium. I won none of them, but got the laughs of the night for my charades of a snake charmer. Using couples as teams is always risky in Cranium, especially when our circle is full of couples with different thought processes and backgrounds and primary interests.

And Saturday was a little shopping too. I still need to find the right white formal shirt ... but I will, mark my words. Friday night I watched X3 (which I enjoyed but had to turn off my comic book geek). I bought The Cosmic Game by Thievery Corporation and I'm very pleased. Great groove CD, with some contributions by The Flaming Lips and David Byrne, among others. Excellent background for today's work.

Which I'll now get back to, in the interest of getting something done before midnight. I hope you all enjoyed your Memorial Day weekends.

- Pookah

PS: More about the bunnies later. =D

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