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The suckitude seems to be subsiding slowly.

+ I made noticeable progress last night on task #3.
- I was up until 3 doing it, and didn't make great progress on task #1 or #2.
+ This morning's shower really helped, and I'm even breathing better for the first time in ages.
- I didn't get out as early as I hoped, and again missed the train by about 30 seconds.
+ If I'd been 30 seconds sooner, I might have been the one pulled over by the cop at the 15 mph sign instead of the car in front of me, then I'd have gotten the ticket and missed the train.
- I had to pay Amtrak's weekend rate for a ticket on the next train.
+ I still needed to get the document done for task #1, and Amtrak trains have power outlets, which my laptop needs for any extended use.
- I missed a morning meeting that I had planned to attend.
+ Document comes first, so I had an easy out.
- These "swim-lane" style diagrams I had to make really break easy if you change them too much.
+ I did technically get the doc done this morning.
- It was 11:59 am and I had a visitor show up as I was literally working on the last page.
+ I helped visitor (task #2) and got her what she needed to keep moving.
- I didn't get lunch until 1:30.
+ I ate at a local Chinese place and didn't come back until I was good and ready.
- Now I'm stuffed and unmotivated.
+ This weekend is the Christinacon gaming extravaganza.
- I do have to finish tasks #2 and #3 today, or they will run into my weekend.

Which brings me to now. Gotta keep rolling, but it's hard. I'll do my best, then get my sleep on tonight. Time to attack #3 I think, since the person counting on that is still around.

- Pookah


May. 13th, 2006 12:00 am (UTC)
Oh yeah!
You guys think you have it bad? I had to spend all day, erm, twiddling my thumbs! And you best believe me, they are sore from all of that twiddlin'! I think I got carpal tunnel I've been twiddling for so long.

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