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Doomed from the start

Yeah, that was yesterday. Doomed, doomed, doomed. 90% of my day went wrong. It was like I broke a mirror after a cat crossed my path under a ladder type cursed.

Of 4 goals for the day, I got 1 done. One. Okay, maybe two now that I've shaved, but that was close to midnight. And the sucky 24 hour period started before midnight the night before, so things should already be improved somewhat. I'm thinking 10pm-10pm was probably the window of suck. 10pm is when I got home from work. Yeah, it was that bad.

So ... screw wallowing, I'm getting it out of my system and moving on. Especially if I can get some of these tasks accomplished on Friday. That would do wonders for my mood. Or at least get them done before anybody tells me I'm behind.

- Pookah


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May. 12th, 2006 12:59 pm (UTC)
So it's not just us then...
Yeah, T and I were talking last night about the gross suckness that has been hovering around lately. It seems like everyone is feeling it too, people she works with, people I work with, we all agree that It sucks. We're not sure what It is, and sometimes It isn't even that obvious, but there is definitely too much suck for now. Hopefully it will go away soon.
May. 12th, 2006 01:00 pm (UTC)
could be worse
we've had no email internally since 1250 pm yesterday,
when backup exec restored a users information store over the master one.
and the databas has been corrupted since then.
i was in till 1030 last night, restoring the master database (all 16gb of it)
and came back in at 7, to see that..failed..
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