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I'm awake. It's a side effect of not being asleep, which is a side effect of an extremely overstuffed nose. Not sure what I can do about it. In the meantime, I'm playing a waiting game. My nose is now raw.

A bunch of my friends went river rafting. Some had to get up at 5 am to head over to Harper's Ferry. While they were all out having fun in the water (and breaking a windshield, but that's not my story to tell) I headed out to a local Irish pub for beer and excellent burgers with ceri_blue. Awesome burgers, and a lot of talking. Normally I'm all for the active sports, but in this case I definitely made the right call opting for the less-of-a-workout option. Among other reasons, a couple people were rubbing the aches out of their arms this evening after all that rowing. After reconvening and sampling some fine Mexican food, we even got in a few games of Cosmic Wimpout. It's a very easy dice game. Goes quickly, has some exciting moments, and has a low minimum brainpower requirement. Right up the alley of a few tired rafters.

It is probably obvious to everybody, but it's worth restating that web-browsing definitely kills time. Hopefully my sinuses will now cooperate and let me sleep. I did change the filter in my big air filter thing on Saturday and vacuumed the upstairs. I'll finish the rest on Sunday. Maybe it'll help a little. Dunno.

- Pookah


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May. 7th, 2006 02:13 pm (UTC)
Thanks for reminding me I need to locate and purchase a copy of cosmic wimp-out (do they still make it?) :)

Hope your nose unclogs soon!
May. 8th, 2006 08:46 pm (UTC)
Yeah, they still make it, we just picked up our copy a few weeks ago.
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