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May. 3rd, 2006

I caught an earlier train for the first time in a while, barely. Had to sprint out of the garage after being stuck behind someone who refused to drive faster than 5 mph in said garage. Glad I did, because it meant I was the last one onto that train, and the next one isn't for another hour. Traffic wasn't as bad as I thought it might be, but waking up was a little rough.

Work proceeds. Someone else took the liberty of scheduling a lunch-time meeting, so I took the liberty of organizing a few people to make a pizza delivery order. They can make me attend, but I'm still going to eat, darn it.

And comic life is getting interesting. No, I've got little chance of a stand-up career, but I do read a few comics. And the top of the list is Strangers In Paradise and Gold Digger and Kabuki. New issues of two of them came in yesterday, hand delivered by dasquish and his wife who stopped by to get out of their drying-out apartment. There was much chatting, and later on I read through the new material. Wow. Engrossing isn't sufficient to say how mind-blowing some of the drama is in SIP, which is officially winding down to the last 10 issues or so. I'll miss it. I'll admit, I've grown fond of the gang (which has a David by-the-way). I'll save the juicy details to avoid spoilers. I'll probably have a post about David at some point in the future anyway.

Otherwise, work continues, and I'm going to do my darnedest to get out of here on time and avoid conversations in the middle of packing up or on my way out the door. It's definitely time for it. As long as I get two things done today outside of all these meetings, it will be a very productive day and let me breathe easier tomorrow.

- Pookah

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