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Shelves are done and laden. We now have a couple smaller shelving bits and CD racks that are open for request. There's plenty of shelf space for now, which is a good thing. I think the organization can be subliminally calming somehow.

Hanging with an old friend and her fiance turned into visiting and meeting their newly acquiring dog. I'll admit, there was some hestitation about that on my side. But the dog they picked up was part husky, a breed I've been particularly fond of. And the dog was fond of me, going so far as to flop at my feet and rest its head on my legs during a nap within ten minutes of us getting there. Rare moment indeed. Generally a cat person now, I'm VERY picky when it comes to dogs. There's many dogs that are too friendly, too barky, too drooly, too dumb. Hopefully Rocket is settling in fine in her new home.

Saturday night was a fun trip out, catching up with one of my friends from PA over a couple beers and a few games of pool. Always good to see him. And I still owe him a beer. It's all mental, as no fleet of accountants could work out the actual dollar value flow of things between us other than "big ticket" items, like football tickets. Way too many traded beers and things. Since we've got a good history, he's a guy I'm always willing to grab the check for, because I know he'll do the same for me. Saturday he beat me to the check at the pool hall when he knew I was planning to throw down my plastic. No biggie, but mentally I'm preparing to make sure I get to the counter first next time.

But work struck me late Sunday, and turned into an overnighter as I ran bunches of database queries to get something ready by Start-Of-Business Monday. Since some pieces took a while I curled up on the couch with a "darkly cute" goth chick and even took the morning off to get a good nap in.

What a way to start May. The pollen is still kicking, as evidenced by the veil of golden dust I keep finding on the windshield and other parts of my dark blue car. And I also noticed today that my friend's cousin must have used the (almost never used) ashtray in the backseat of my car when I drove the carpooled gang to/from the pool hall. Definitely time to clean the interior.

- Pookah

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