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In between sneezes yesterday in a cloud of pollen, I had a brief moment of weakness. I thought to myself, maybe a cigarette would dry this out. I shrugged it off and kept walking towards my train. But in thinking about that moment more, I realized how far from my mind that particular habit has gone. If nothing else, it's proof I can actually change my mind over time.

I was thinking about moebius strips today. If you make a moebius strip in real life, you can do it by taking a piece of paper, giving it a half twist, and then taping the ends together.

And I know I missed a few things over the past weekend. A birthday, a phone call, a couple other things. But I did get some real life in. Helped some friends haul stuff to the junkyard and then took a walk for some soft serve. Drove out to visit some other friends for chatting, Outback, and Ice Age 2. Sunday had a heaping helping of family business. My grandmother was in decent form, and I think it's from her I get my ingrained ability to tell the same damn story 50 times. My sister and I also took some time to geek out about our Warcraft characters.

Yesterday was CRAZY at work. Even my horoscope on the way in said "You may be in over your head." Oh yeah, there was a full slate of meetings, a misbehaving server, three changes in plans, a rescheduling, help where I didn't need it and no help where I did, and I managed to move things along without actually finishing anything. At least I looked busy.

Last night I tried to hit level 60 before my guild's trip to ZG. No dice. There was just no time. Even staying up late afterwards didn't quite get me to 60. I did, however, run into someone who remembered me from 30 levels ago ... who then invited me to a high-level instance (Dire Maul) to help a warlock get his elite-level horse. I got decent loot, and am now even more tantalizingly close to 60. With more gold and more gear. But I worry about being a little behind on some of the quest chains since I missed some of the big push for some of the first 60s. I may just have to suck it up and tag along for stuff, knowing I'll be back later. Still, some of the lower level folks I'm helping are taking me through some lower level stuff I never finished, and that helps.

I was also briefly in the worst instance group I've ever been in on Warcraft. I went because a guild member asked me to, and he'd found two of the most ragtag idiots I've ever had to share server space with. I mean ... damn. Grr.

Anyway, off for statistics, email, and hotel research. I try not to forget, ya know.

- Pookah

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