Dave (pookah) wrote,

Work is making progress, of sorts. Finally getting an old release out the door, wrapping of corrections of data from the last one, and finishing up analyzing the requirements on the next one we're going to develop. It's a neat kind of overlapping, like watching waves at the beach, where even as one is sliding into the sand another is rising behind it.

Warcraft also moves along. I hit level 58 of 60, got my reputations with two important factions up 2 levels (getting me closer to some of those nice hard-to-get blacksmithing plans), and tagged along for my guild's second ever Zul'Gurub run. ZG is a rough instance. You plan for a 20-person group. TWENTY. All at or near top level and working together as a team. The first run I missed, but they didn't get very far at all. Got to one nasty snake priest boss and couldn't get his health below 50% before they got crushed. This time we were forewarned and slightly better equipped. We made mistakes, true, but on the third attempt we took him down! Heck, on the second attempt we got him to 1% health and almost had him. That was a big achievement. I was glad I could be a part of it, and we definitely had a good group going.

I did stay on longer than I intended last night. Making that much progress in game made me aim a little higher. I'm still learning, and it may be a while before I actually get to finish my swordsmithing training with a quest in Stratholme ... a fiendish little town where the core leadership of the Scarlet Crusade is fighting a standstill of a battle against encroaching undead forces, and even the Scarlet Crusade has its own well-hidden secrets. It's a tough run, and I've only been through parts of it twice.

But like with the ZG run, it was good to do some questing with a bunch of the highest-level players in the guild. They have generally passed me to reach 60, and I got a chance to do a lot of mid-level stuff with them. Even though I'm new to the upper echelon stuff, there's "being new" and "being a newbie". Hopefully I won't be the odd man out when it comes to the heavier instance runs, since we do already have 4 warriors past me in level and equipment. I am getting some support from a couple of them, so I'm also getting tactical assistance. I get the feeling the swordsmithing is part of that, so we'll see how it goes.

Got some more nifty writing notes. Some of the story threads came together in pieces, and I actually became more enamored with the second story arc than the first. I wonder if that's how the epics came together ... all those stories that start in medias res.

Did a little yard weeding yesterday. My one neighbor's yard is always full of dandelions, which means that I get some in my yard despite my best efforts. Still, I fight the good fight and try to remove what I can to keep the swarm at bay. It's tough, though, especially since my hay fever has been pretty bad so far this month. Note to self: stay on the antihistamine.

And I was reminded of the "face" concept today. Projecting. When inspired, I really can "put up a good front". It can be useful in business when chatting with customer representatives. But it also reminded me of some bravery-in-the-face-of-impending-doom situations I've witnessed lately, and how that's settled into my thoughts. I'll skip the long self-analysis here; I feel like I come across as self-involved when I document too much of my own introspections. Another time, another time.

Dinner's at my house tonight. Coming?

- Pookah
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