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Apr. 11th, 2006

I keep writing bits, then keeping them to myself. Bad habit.

Saturday's weather was nasty. Rainy, wet, gray, and cold. Scuttled archery plans (how rare is that?) but it was a great day to be indoors. The impromptu gaming evening/night that ensued was a lot of fun. And I avenged my losing streak at Memoir '44. Saw a couple people I hadn't seen in a while and stayed up way too late doing it. And kept them up way later than they wanted to be, I suspect. Ah well, I hope no grudges are held. Good cookies were had, that's for sure.

It's way too easy to get stuffed eating at Red Lobster. I usually get too much, but there's so much good seafood to nibble on.

I used to live in the quiet. It was my place, and I could keep it mine. Made it easy to keep people (and danger) under a close watch and at a distance. I was very suspicious of people back then, but I had my reasons.

My power supply blew out on my computer on Sunday. I noticed by way of steadily growing graphical corruption in my games leading to a total lockup of the machine. That, plus the smell of capacitor tipped me off that it was either the video card or the power supply. Unplugging a fan and one of my hard drives enabled it to be able to shoulder the load decently for the night, but then last evening it wouldn't even turn on any more. 1 trip to Best Buy and a quick installation later, my PC is running smoothly again. And quieter than before since I also replaced a wobbly case fan.

I've had some questions to think about and too much rhetoric. If I can keep from spinning my mental wheels on them, I'll count my blessings.

I owe my sister a CD, but may end up just loaning her a DVD at this rate. We'll see. That may be my motto for the month.

We'll see.

- Pookah

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