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Good Morning, Happy Campers

On a twist of yesterday, I'm more mentally awake this morning, but my body feels more tired.

Yesterday was ... well ... odd. We went to a birthday party for a friend of ours, and she a few months ago moved in with an old friend of hers.

Attendance list:

The babe and I
Our friend (and her daughter)
The host and hostess (and their two daughters)
Our friend's old housemate (and her son and two daughters)

The hostess was someone I'd only met a few times before. Her ex (and the father of her kids) is a pretty good friend of mine, a roommate of the dancer's boyfriend.

I'm sure the relationships there get a bit hard to follow, but I wanted to give an idea of the tangled politics getting involved. This is a woman I heard about from her ex and friends of her ex long before I met her. From past experience I knew to keep an open mind. Their grudge is not mine to bear.

But with the kids running around ... it added a tone to the party I hadn't been a part of before, at least not on the adult side. With my friend the repairman a recent father and witnessing that; I guess this is what it'll lead to for me soon enough.

Also made for a wrap up of the party earlier than I'd expected, due to wiped out parentals.

- Pookah

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