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Late Friday, I got a present from one of my co-workers doesn't drink. One of his friends brought him a "Primer on the History of Ireland". Only it's a tall can wrapped in paper. I couldn't see the color of the can, but there was a distinctive tapping noise from an object inside the can. Distinctively like a Guinness draught can. I had to smuggle it out of here and downed it on the train. That was kind of amusing.

The weekend was busy but fun. Friday night dinner party, Saturday morning gaming, Saturday evening movies and socialness, Sunday morning lunch socialness, Sunday afternoon productive stuff and snikt-ing, Sunday evening more snikt-ing and more dinner.

For some odd reason, I have separate productive mindsets for solo activity and group activity, and they're very different. The "group active" productiveness mindset can actually override my own personal sense of priorities and get me to do things even if I think they're less immediate or urgent. Because there's other people helping, I figure. Have to take advantage of that.

But the work week has continued the insanity. Still no stability in the development area, but I made sure to minimize the impact that the flakyness was having on my own personal tasks. It's gone from annoying to simultaneously frustrating and disappointing. Only so much I can do.

And my tire is fixed. Monday I returned from work to find I had a flat tire, so I had to remove said tire at the front of the parking garage. I've had some practice with this, and that made it a simple familiar task that occupied the hands but not the brain. Dropped the tire off at the dealer of purchase on Tuesday morning, picked up the patched tire Wednesday morning, then drove straight to the parking garage. I may have wanted to get the tire on, but it was more important for me to be on time for work than get the tire on sooner. Turned out I had time to put the tire on before the train got there anyway. I just had to delay dealing with the hubcap. So now it's a happy Saturn again. Yay!

And I have to admit, while at Saturn of York Road I ogled the ads for the Saturn Sky. The roadster. Seen it? For a roadster it's reasonably priced. If I ever have reason to rent a car, I think I want to rent one for a couple days just to get it out of my system. I mean, they're debut-ing this year, and I do have one of the first 3-door coupes off the assembly line. Not like #1 or anything, but I ordered mine before the Christmas break where they retooled the factory to put in the third door, and I do consider that a cool factoid. Meaningless, but cool. 129,000 miles and counting. I may look forward to a new car in the "soon" timeframe, but I'm really in no hurry. No reason not to put every mile I can on this car instead of the next.

Din-din time ... well ... maybe ...

- Pookah

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