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Whenever I'm alone with you ... you make me feel like I am free again.
Whenever I'm alone with you ... you make me feel like I am me again.

However far away ... I will always love you ...
However long I stay ... I will always love you ...
Whatever words I say ... I will always love you ...
I will always love you ...

-The Cure

Don't know why that song is stuck in my head, but I just started singing it in my office. Door closed, no roommate right now. It's like my own personal airpocket of freedom in here. Sort of.

Well, the morning exercise was mostly for show. I didn't quite get enough done to get the full dog-and-pony show working, so we could only show the basics and stick to discussion points (of which there was plenty). So no full demo at the demo wasn't a big deal. After all, Murphy would have been proud of his motto today. The rain came down, the database crashed, the first projector didn't work, the first network cable was too short, the data didn't cooperate ...

If I'd have stayed around longer last night and gotten more of the preliminary work done, then yes, I probably would have been more prepared for this morning. However, I'd have been even less useful than I was once I got here and been more tired, so it's probably a tradeoff. Probably.

Ah well. Could've shined, only managed a minor gleam.


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