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Still no brain

... but somehow productivity abounds.

This weekend, I failed to repair my sleep schedule. I got plenty of Warcraft in, and did at least help with the laundry while my wife dealt with gardening issues that she decided she'd had enough of. Sleep schedule aside, I made it in to work this morning anyway.

It's good to be needed, but I'm still AT the office. In DC. Not fun. I needed to be on top of some people to do certain things. Not that I couldn't necessarily do them myself, but they are supposed to be able. I did manage to call a halt and switch to plan B once it became obvious we'd hit the point of diminishing returns, but I've sent everyone else home while I tackle a last piece of preparation for tomorrow's demo. And fire off some more production data. And prep some web stuff for upload tonight. And check my train schedule so I can be in here early in the morning.

Argh. Thank God it's lucrative. But part of it is also some personal investment in seeing it done right. I need it to work, and not just because a piece of my reputation is on the line. Well, maybe it will bode well for later in the week. I refuse to let this slide well over into my extended weekend plans, those covering Thursday through into Sunday.

- Pookah


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Mar. 14th, 2006 12:59 pm (UTC)
Me no brain either
Yeah, that no sleep until 7am thing was probably not our best idea friday night. The game certainly was fun, and I would like to play again, but maybe during the day next time.
And suck to having to be in the office, but much credit is due to you for accomplishing work on a monday, I know all I did was look up free agents on nfl.com. Just had absolutely no drive.
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