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I'm back.

I'm back from Virginia. My wife and I spent all of last week in and around Skyline Drive, checking out the sights. From nature and hiking to Civil War battlefields. From a tall frozen-over waterfall to the depths of Luray Caverns. From the Wayside Inn (the oldest continuously operating inn in America) to the Village Idiot (a pub in Front Royal with oh-so-incredible food). Took plenty of pictures, and even a couple for signs that were funny. I'll probably expound into more detail on this later.

Then, the work I tried to do on Sunday expanded into a lot more than I bargained for when the modem in my laptop crapped out. It turned a 10-minute task into a several-hour multiple-Best-Buy-trip ordeal. And a development database crashed at work. Poorly timed, too, since we're trying to wrap up one release right about now.

Monday night dinner was ... odd. I forgot which restaurant and even location we were going to, and found out it was Vaccaro's, one of the best dessert places in town. I was twitchy already by the time I got there and the menu is entirely desserts, so I figured what the heck, right? Scarfing down coffee, pie & gelato as a meal turned out to be a bad idea, and I felt lousy the rest of the night. I thought I'd stopped eating at the "I'm full" point, but it just didn't settle well or collided with lunch or something nasty. Dunno. But at least the birthday girl (a friend of mine) had a good time and a great follow-up to dinner out. The company was decent, though the place was a little tight and cramped for a table as big as we were to really get to converse with everybody.

So now, back to life as I used to know it. And I'd best get out of here and make sure I catch the next train. I'll cover life inside the Pookah-brain later. Probably.

- Pookah


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Mar. 8th, 2006 10:08 pm (UTC)
Glad you're okay, B was worried about you. Chrono Crusade!
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