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This is Bottom Day

Ups and downs, ups and downs. For me personally, it hasn't been too horrible. There's the congestion that won't go away, but other than blowing my nose regularly and coughing up crap, it's no worse than my hay fever gets. I am a one-man kleenex burning machine right now. My voice changes as the phlegm wanders around. Still, I even got to work from home on Monday (snow), Wednesday (new attempt at regular day-from-home) and Thursday (total power failure at office building).

So much bad stuff has gone around the people I know. I could document it, but most of it's been well-covered elsewhere and I don't know how public the rest is. I don't even know where to begin. I haven't done much besides keep my head down and play Warcraft. It helps me avoid the "I can't do jack shit to help" feeling. Which I've been trying to keep out of the realm of "I can't do jack shit".

So the pendulum swings back...

Am I at apogee or perigee? Guilt assuaged and sloth reprimanded, I know I'm coming back around in my personal orbit, whether or not it's gravity getting me down. I've got an active phase coming ... I just need to spark it. I'm starting tomorrow, going to Katsucon with my sister and her friend. It should be fun, and hopefully I can get a good chat in with her amongst anime craziness.

I'm in a w3IrD mental state right now ... so forgive me for being exceedingly ... spacy ... lately.

- Pookah

PS: Yes, I'm going as Miroku. Yes, Kirby Morrow (voice of Miroku) will be there.

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