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Yesterday was my contract's (as in my company and several others) trip to hockey night. As in, several of us went to Fado's pub in Chinatown to get bombed, then stagger across the street to the MCI Center to watch hockey and continue to drink beer, and then hit Clyde's next door after the game to resume beverage consumption. It was an excellent night. I maaaaaaay share some photos. There actually was a decent one of me; they got my good side. The exciting hockey game (though not terribly skilled) even went to a shootout, won by the Caps on the last shot. Alex Ovechkin looked spectacular as always. They better keep him for a LONG time.

And today was a reasonable workday. I did some work and some recovery. Plus, I listened to 98 Rock at 5:30 so I could hear them talk about the 1st Annual Toilet Bowl, a co-ed touch football game between Dundalk and Essex to decide which part of town has to claim the sewage treatment plant between them. My friend is the captain of Team Dundalk. The players all have to be from Dundalk, so I can't play. However, they are having a "Porcelain Parade" of floats involving decorated toilets with $1000 cash prize. And I got a perfect float idea. I just need to either come up with a toilet to decorate or find some kind of sponsor.

If this works out ... it will be HILARIOUS ... and hopefully win me that cash. More details later, but I may take off the 4th of February to work on the float idea if I can actually get it together (and get some assistance). I think the details on the Toilet Bowl are on Mickey and Amelia's page on the 98 Rock website.

- Pookah

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