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Jan. 16th, 2006

I have been remiss.

Friday I had to work. I had not quite 24 hours of freedom before they found a problem in my section of the code, so I had to quickly assemble a patch and then go into the office to deal with the new build approval, construction and deployment. But ... this time, I know it's done. Re-tested it personally. And I may be able to trade some of the pre-15th overtime for post-15th slack time. Stay tuned.

Friday night's dinner was good meatloaf, which reminded me I need to get my mom's recipe for that. It was one of my family's most requested dishes back in the day. And we watched Appleseed. But the key weirdness came in the form of a small child. A little girl (whose name escapes me right now, because it's been three days) was there, the daughter of a friend of a friend. And she was a ball of energy and curiosity. Generally good-spirited and a little demanding, she took to slight coaching well.

Example: In the backroom, I was showing a couple of friends what World of Warcraft is like. The little one wandered into the room and asked to play. I politely said no, but she said, "I know how to play boys' games." I said, "I'm sure, but I'm playing right now." I was sitting in a chair at the keyboard, so to get a good seat and a good view, she climbed up the arm of the chair, used my arm as a balance, swung her legs across mine, then leaned against my shoulder as a pillow. I was not surprised she found a way to get comfortable. I WAS surprised at how I felt about it.

I was in the middle of running around a newbie area, and she started pointed out things to go "get". So, sure enough I found a simple task to do and fought whatever she pointed out on my way over there. She also at one point said "Don't fight the cougars, they're scared." Then I started circling around the cougars. She didn't like the birds much. And, when she was done, she climbed down and ran back out into the other room.

Sent my mind spinning off onto the whole kid topic for much of the weekend. It wasn't all terribly productive, so I heavily dosed with Warcraft distraction to get it off the top of the brain. I did at least help take the Christmas tree out and fixed the vacuum cleaner, so I wasn't a total waste. This week, maybe I can clean off my desk (it needs it) and vacuum the downstairs. This weekend is supposed to include a ski outing, and the following weekend is party central.

In the meantime, happy MLK day. I'll get back to my waking-up process, for I slept way in.

- Pookah


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Jan. 18th, 2006 03:09 pm (UTC)
Dealing with other people's kids can be very... interesting. Very easy for it to pull on that 'wouldn't kids be great' heart-string, which only leads to hundreds of questions and what-ifs. I think about the little one from friday in particular. Sure, she was cute. But she was also precocious, or polite-speak for a spoiled brat. We all hope our kids can be cute little versions of us. We also hope we can raise our kids to be polite and well behaved. And we all think we can do it, but I don't think we know for certain until the time comes.

Spending time around other people's kids only confuses the issue. Sure we can handle them for short periods of time, and keep them entertained or out of trouble. But can you deal with the tummy-ache at 2 in the morning when all you want is sleep? Cripe, a puppy has been a big change for us, and he's just a dog! But if we don't pay enough attention (dang it, I just went to the bathroom!) before you know it you have a dog poo on your floor. Imagine the trouble a two year old could get into!

But it should be fun. I know I'm looking forward to it.
Jan. 18th, 2006 05:39 pm (UTC)
Yeah the little ones, they call out to me too. But B and I have the Plan, and we're gonna stick to it for the forseeable future. Doesn't help that mom has been calling lately with baby names and such. Other than that, I'd like to mimic exactly what WM said. For now I'm content to hang with other people's kids, and when you all start having kids I am going to spoil them to death until I can get one of my own.
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