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Christmas Outgoing

Busy, busy, busy. Always busy, busy, busy.

Low-key Christmas, with plenty of good gifts. I now have a seat cushion for comfortable football game attendance, my own personal copy of Jade Empire, and a pair of the comfiest thick winter socks I've ever owned. They're supposedly hunting socks. I doubt my hunting will ever be the gun-carrying variety. We also got an electric programmable thermostat (yay! hopefully no more baking in the mornings!) and Appleseed on DVD. Such a great movie.

Saw plenty of family and family friends on Christmas. Was invited to an old friend's coming 30th birthday party. She has two wonderful sons. She was probably the first non-adult person in my life, and was my friend at like age 4! You can imagine my boggled mind at combining the two previous sentences, since we've seen each other very infrequently since we left for college.

Dove into Beyond Good and Evil, an excellent game. Very playable and easy to get into with a good storyline. Jade is an intriguing heroine, and the creators make innovative usage of her camera and find ways to work it into the gameplay. A couple of the puzzles also had me VERY stumped ... but then eventually stumbled onto the clues right under my ... umm, feet. Digging it, and expect to finish sometime soon and then return my borrowed copy to its rightful owner.

Brother-in-law came by for a few days for his first visit to the new house. It was cool. Very low-key and fun. We went to Sunday night's Ravens game (a Baltimore victory), we watched Mr. & Mrs. Smith and played Madden football late Monday night, and went to the Capitals game on Tuesday night (a Washington overtime loss; they had a lead into the 3rd period but were out-rushed to the puck all game). He's now headed for Atlantic City for a day before catching up with some other friends on the East Coast. Hopefully he enjoyed being a part of the bustle of Christmas at my parents' place for half a day ... we left for the game as it really got going.

I managed to mostly avoid work during this time, but it will catch up with me. Website should be deployable tonight. Today's coding work was delayed by multiple chats. Other things were accomplished and one piece of work was handed off, but I still feel a little behind schedule. Still, I've made much progress in BG&E, played the Ravens into virtually beating the Eagles twice, and even got a little bit of Warcraft in, so I got sufficient slack in for the holiday. Should really have written down that story idea, but all I have to do is think of the music to remember the basics. When you can pull a mini-movie into your head at the drop of a hat, it's almost like being there.

New Year's is coming, as is the Notre Dame bowl game and another Christmas party where my wife will get part 2 of her Christmas present. And next week is deadline week. Hoo boy. I'll skip the amount of other side-thoughts running through my head for now; I'll spare you the gory details of my brain's trains of thought. This time.

Busy busy busy.

- Pookah

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