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Christmas incoming

I had some things I thought about earlier today that I was going to post, but I got wrapped up and so I forgot. A couple beers and a shot of Jameson can do that. But I did fix a computer. It was more Pookah magic. It wasn't starting up right. I removed parts and it powered on properly. Added them back in a couple at a time, and voila, it works. Seems like an overloaded power supply. Nice video + stock power supply = potential problem. The PC had a 250 watt supply, and the video card doco suggested a 300 watt.

So I prescribed an eventual upgrade before the supply really kicks the bucket, blessed the patient and moved on. The owner has a dog. Black lab mix named Xena who's about 4 years old. Xena was picked up from the pound about a year ago and is still skittish around unfamiliar men. Somehow, she thought I was excellent and was extra-friendly, much to the owner's surprise. And mine, to tell the truth.

So, exit our hero, stage right. To local bar, for victory beverages and chatting. And, unlike Wednesday, I actually left after two beers. =) Yes, I am off the wagon, but I'm beginning to notice that if I make a concerted effort to have decent meals (like actually having breakfast) it has a definite impact on my stomach. That's my next tactic ... eating in the morning instead of always waiting until lunch. Which is good ... because some days I let lunch get delayed by work. And that may be part of the problem when I don't have breakfast.

- Pookah

PS: Vagueness mission completed. 500 XP but no reputation bonus. Ah well.

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