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Bucking trends and a step towards normal

Yep, that's this weekend. We got a lot done: Found a tree, picked up some presents, replaced the portable phone battery, got me a haircut (just a trim), went to my company Christmas party, decorated the house with some candles, and even found some time to clean out a few things.

Busy busy busy. But yeah, some things have drifted back towards normal. The haircut isn't all the way back to normal, but it's more like Wayne length now. Especially when I wear one of my hats. It started to curl a little bit at the end ... and I'm not too fond of that.

Played Warcraft for the first time in a while, too. On Sunday I finally got back on there. Did a lot (with some help from dasquish), but I've still got a full quest log. At least my backpack's a bit roomier now, not to mention that we capped a few assholes along the way.

Had some wine at dinner on Saturday. Not tons, but it's the first alcohol since November 1st. It was a big long meal with plenty of chatting, so I caved in and indulged.

So now that the candle lights are all set, the next thing is to bring in the tree from the back porch and get it set up inside. Once I get home, that is.

That reminds me ... I have a phone call to make tomorrow morning. In a roundabout way, I did promise after all. *grin*

- Pookah

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