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But our websites do. And that's where I come in. And is why I'm up at this hour, when I'm clearly tired. But then again, I did spend over an hour playing Samurai Warriors and taking a highly-powered-up character down to level 30 of a level 30 dungeon ... and getting my ass handed to me once I got there after smoothly passing through the first 27 without major threat. Anyway, I spent the last hour and a half patching a website with things I should have thought of sooner and needed to get right before I deployed it Saturday. Not brain-numbingly difficult things, but like minor inconsistencies in certain situations.

Saturday was finishing Prince of Persia: Sands of Time (cool game, perfect bargain bin purchase), deploying website, and yardwork. My wife was leafing, so I got gutter-cleaning duty. The higher gutters are scarier but have less crap in them. The lower ones catch more leaves and are usually trap more gunk. EWWW! I also did some cutting back of a bush out front that had gotten close to the house. Mutual of Omaha will now have one less place to take pictures, since amongst the branches we removed two old bird nests and a spider lair. I also removed a section of Christmas lights left in the bush. It had been cut already and was stuck in there pretty good, so I just cut off another section of what I could reach and will have to get the rest of it another time.

Sunday was football again, as the Ravens bared eked out a win today. Not stellar football, but the injury parade continues. Ogden (left tackle) left the game with a thigh injury. Norton (cornerback) left with an arm injury. Thomas (defensive end/linebacker/special teams ace) took a few plays off after taking a shot to the head. Thank goodness Ed Reed (safety) came back and played or we'd have had to start sending out wide receivers as coverage guys. I mean, it's getting ridiculous. Regardless, I'll take the win. It was ugly. It was messy. It was really a stretch, but I'll take it.

But first, I'll take some z's and "call" you in the morning.

- Pookah


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Dec. 6th, 2005 06:35 am (UTC)
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