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I had my usual middle-of-the-early-morning coughing fit last night, but the coughing has receded more today. I count that as a victory. My head's less muddled. Okay, okay, so that's relatively speaking, but I was very muddled yesterday.

And I spent an hour today thinking about shirts. You see, even if my memory degrades horribly, I'd just turn into an amnesiac psychometrist. Any item from my past brings forth memories with it. My over-large collection of shirts? Many old memories, some from high school. And I was thinking about how from time to time I do spend way too long selecting a shirt to wear. Not because of any style concerns, but because I'm going back over the memories attached to old shirts. It's like re-counting scars, or pulling the box of old letters out from the back of the closet and reading through, or like flipping through an old photo album.

And with a memory like mine, I hold on to these things, because I'm scared that if I throw away these shirts I might really forget and have nothing left to help me remember. Besides ... they still fit. Not that I've let that force me to put back some of the shirts I've started to weed out of the closet. I know I need to pull out more, but this takes time.

Some of my pants, on the other hand, have been worn and washed way too often. I put on a pair of fresh 32/32's last week, and they fit comfortably. I've got a pair of jeans that's 32/32's and dear LORD, I feel like that person from that Jordache commercial fighting to get the jeans on. So I do really need to go through and determine which pants are still their advertised size and which have shrunk. I've always had more shirts than pants, and so it is the pants that are paying the price of clothes kept too long.

Speaking of size issues ... somehow a set of underwear from Target got mispacked. Hanes 32-34 cardboard insert in a bag with a 3-pack of size 40 briefs. Needless to say, I can't wear these without alterations or safety pins, and I refuse to get a tailor for underwear. Unable to find the receipt, these are now free to a good home, obviously unworn by me.

- Pookah
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