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Still No Cable Modem

Ah well. I've been keeping myself distracted in other ways. Yesterday was trying, though. I got busy at work, had 4 things that I alone had to do and got 3 of them done. Because in the middle of things I kept getting visits and small requests and questions. Bothered me enough I didn't have much patience, even though I was en route to a wonderful concert.

Glen Phillips is an amazing songwriter, singer and guitar player. I've enjoyed his music since I first heard Toad the Wet Sprocket some 10 years ago. He's got a solo album out now, and is "touring" in support of that. All extra small clubs, but thankfully we have one in Annapolis called the Ram's Head Tavern that has great acoustics and almost no bad seats.

And on a whim, he played Windmills, my favorite Toad song.

For 3 minutes, except for a poke from my girlfriend, the rest of the world was nonexistent besides me, that man, and his guitar.

He got swarmed after the show by a group of fans. As for me, I'd already spoken my piece to the man back in 1997, at an aftershow party I had to trade the shirt off my back for a ticket to. It was from an earlier tour and the merch guy was trying to get one of every shirt they ever printed. I tried hard not to sound like an obsessive fan, but I still think I sputtered once or twice. He even signed my t-shirt. "Dave, You're God. - Glen"

Between that and several of my friends who've seen me pull magic, I could make a reasonable case for it, or at least get a petition signed by 10 people. But I've caused enough trouble for non-humorous religious types.

Which puzzles me, because I don't understand the entire concept of God without a sense of humor. 1 word - giraffes. Let's see, take a horse, give it leopard spots, useless horns, a BLUE tongue, and an extra-long super-size neck! Any Creator who could come up with that idea HAD to be laughing. And we DO have giraffes, after all.

- Pookah

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