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What a weekend. Saturday was fun. The company golf tournament thing was COLD and took longer than expected, but I at least contributed respectably to my group. And made sure to use my two drink tickets while walking the course. I managed to lose only a couple golf balls, and got a free box of 12 just for showing up. They had enough for all the original attendees, but the rescheduling dropped it by half.

Fortune presents gifts not according to the book ...

Saturday's party was amazing. Awesomeness. I have to thank my wife for all the preparations she made, and to ceri_blue for her assistance in assembling a dessert that was a real hoot. I'll link that recipe later. My contributions were the punch (which was way too strong on the OJ and too weak on the vodka) and the fresh-grilled hand-sliced beef and turkey. Attendance was good, people came in and out as the evening wore on, but everybody had a good time. And for those of you who know of Inuyasha, I was in my Miroku outfit (I figured out the trick to the sash) with a blush handprint on my face. My wife was proudly displaying her Sango costume, complete with Hiraikotsu ... a large boomerang for the uninitiated. And I was like WHOA! *faints* Yes, I was moved, and not just below the belt. =D Total hotness.

When you expect whistles, it's flutes ...

Sunday was recovery and week preparation. A little work was done, and even a little computer repair. Took longer than I thought, but it was a stubborn little bug that refused to go away. Stupid Active Desktop. Ick. Monday was busy, since I was on deadline at the office. Hit my part of the deadline, but it meant I got home a bit late, so I missed most of the kids that were going around trick or treating. It was cold, so the turnout this year was pretty low. Unfortunately, I also found out at 10:45 pm that there was an issue thanks to stuff someone else did that I had to filter out, so I had to get in here a bit early to make sure I got that stuff moved along. Sure enough, I got quizzed by the customer in the hallway about status. Thankfully, I'd already gotten things moving again before he found me.

When you expect flutes, it's whistles ...

That was the start of Tuesday, which finished with a trip up to York to watch a wrestling pay-per-view with a buddy of mine. Haven't seen him much, but he came to Saturday's party and hung out for a while. I got back from that at midnight ... and I had awoken to the radio alarm when my wife came HOME this morning. Geez, that's rough. Today's also the second day I've come to work with a ponytail instead of a hat. I figure I better get practice at "putting my hair up". I actually like having hair off my neck and ears ... even if only most of my hair is long enough to go into the ponytail. Some stray locks (long enough to pass my ears) find their way out of it, but so far they only frame my face decently. I've gotten a decent number of comments about it (including 1 hippie joke), but one person today actually commented on my tie-wearing instead of my hair. I give him a coolness point for noticing.

Tonight, Nine Inch Nails at MCI Center, then home. And work from home Thursday, hoo-rah.

- Pookah


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Nov. 2nd, 2005 08:28 pm (UTC)
The party sounds fun. My ideal glass of punch is 3/4 vodka and 1/4 orange juice....or so it was once when I was let loose with a friend's supplies to make my own drink when I was already getting tipsy. Strong.
Interesting move with the brave ponytail. Kurt started doing that in the summer when he was painting, and the cool thing is it teaches men to style women's hair, or at least attempt to. Can be great fun.
NIN! Have an awesome time-so jealous of you.
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