Dave (pookah) wrote,

On the Upswing

I think I've managed to work through my own private section of the "week of doom" badness. Seems like everybody else had a crappy week, too. Might have been the week for it. National Crappy Week Week.

But for all I aspire, I am really a liar ...
And I'm running out
of things

There's plenty to say, and no way to say it. I accept the judgement, I'll deal with the distrust, it's the implied disdain where I draw the line. Granted, if that's not what I end up with, I'll be proud, happy to be wrong. But therein lies my own distrust. And for once ... I'm sticking to the plan.

As for this weekend, I've got a spreadsheet to fill, but that will take statistics that I'm generating. Thankfully it doesn't take careful care and feeding. With the weather being what it is, I just hope it's better next weekend, if we're really supposed to be having this golf tournament thing at the office. But tomorrow and Sunday? Not completely decided, though it is the last weekend of the RenFest. We'll see. We'll see.

And I'm going to catch up with things ... I was stuck in my own little world there for a while.

- Pookah
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