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Yesterday was the first day I've been to the gym in a while. I went for a run (shorter than I expected) and a swim (also briefer than before). I guess that's to be expected, since I slacked off and have been spending a lot of time sitting on my butt, or standing on the Metro for that matter. The daily commuting runs was my only real exercise for a while there. But that plus dinner at Olive Garden made for a decent evening.

This morning sucked. Woke up late, dodged one traffic jam to get stuck in another thanks to the road construction demons, which made me miss my late train and forced me to catch a later one. Like an hour later, and that was an Amtrak that cost me $15 for the one-way ticket. And then my boss calls while I'm on the train on my way in, wondering how I'm missing the 11 am meeting. I didn't get the email for that one, but I panicked a bit.

Once I actually got to the office, I found out that actually, there had been no such email, and the rescheduling wasn't so bad, as 1 pm worked. And I was pulled into a couple other tasks in the afternoon, but was able to give good assistance without picking up too much of a new workload. Not bad. So that's how my day turned out. Not bad.

- Pookah

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