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What to say, what to say.

Saturday I went to the Pittsburgh RenFest. It's been running 12 years, which means it started less than a year before I went to CMU as a student. It was fun, and a bit colder than I expected. But I found a good shirt cheap, got a small pair of leather cuffs to keep the sleeves down, and found out they have Harp on tap! Nice. It wasn't terribly big or terribly busy, but one of the barmaids told me that it was better than the Michigan Faire, where she has noticed the visitors snicker at anyone dressed in garb, particularly her who has to do it for her job. Wow. I guess I'm just spoiled by the high concentration of garbed-ness at the Maryland RenFest.

Saturday night was dinner with a friend's dad at a Thai place on the Southside. Named Thai Me Up. I kid you not. I tried something called Pho. Decent noodle soup. Didn't flame off my stomach, and that's a good thing when it comes to me and Thai.

We stayed in the Omni William Penn in downtown, and I got the chance to get back to CMU on Sunday morning. The new fine arts building was a surprise, but the administration building behind it hasn't changed. The sloping hallways of Baker and Porter haven't changed. I got to see the new building behind Hammerschlag where the prow used to be. My fraternity has moved (yay, Sig Tau!) but is still there. Actually, they're closer to where they were located when I was a pledge. It was good to wander, and I have to thank my friends for putting up with my reminiscing and wandering.

Then we watched the Steelers game from a place on South Craig ... and I was chatted up by a polite homeless guy. Decent man, full of stories. No one had probably listened to him much in years. He gave me a bejeweled "D" medallion. Used to be Diane, but he had a falling out with his ex-wife a long time ago. I'll admit, I did enjoy talking to the man, but every time I thought he'd gotten into talking to somebody else, he came back around and would make sure to get my attention again and continue his stories. A search for other nearby bars with the game on came up empty, so instead we stuck around and continued drinking and watching the Steelers. The guy even bought a round for my table. Not what I was expecting.

We made our way up to Mt. Washington, enjoyed the view, then decided we were way too stuffed from breakfast and lunch (and drinking) to eat anytime soon. We settled on naps at the hotel and dinner at the downstairs pub. Decent food, and decent drinks. Huzzah. Monday was brief. Breakfast at Primanti Brothers stuffed me to the gills so much I was a little dizzy as my stomach commandeered all available resources for digestion. We did some more shopping before bidding Pittsburgh a fond farewell for now and heading on home.

So now it's back to work (and to writing until I can get the last character bios off my plate).

Looks like more RenFest this weekend, Maryland this time. Here's hoping the weather's good, as in anything but blazing hot sunny and dry! Hell, I'd deal with stormy with rain, as that would at least knock the dust down a bit. Just my opinion.

- Pookah


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Sep. 21st, 2005 07:29 am (UTC)
"Saturday night was dinner with a friend's dad at a Thai place on the Southside. Named Thai Me Up."
Everyday I walk past this Thai place called, "My Thai." The Thai restaurant cuteness abounds continent-wide.
Sep. 21st, 2005 06:55 pm (UTC)
There's a place here in Baltimore called "Thai Wan On". Maybe its a Thai thing ... it's odd, since I like bad puns but don't usually like Thai food.

- Pookah
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