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World of Warcraft Patch 1.7 is out

And I'm downloading it now. My main character's a hunter. With all the talk of hunter changes, I avoided any real knowledge of specifics until the final patch came out. I figured there was no reason to look at anything until it was finalized.

First, an apology to anyone who really doesn't care about WoW. You've been warned.

And wow, there's a bunch of changes. I will have to rethink how I do things ... a little bit. But not much. I'm also VERY thankful that they've changed how pets level up, because I got a lower-level pet and it was taking a REALLY LONG TIME to get him closer to my level. Before, I really had to go out of my way not to go to dangerous things, or the level difference was far enough that he was pretty much ineffective, but fighting things at my new pet's level weren't earning me (or him) any experience and just wasted my time.

They've not just changed Hunters, too. More stun effects are resistable, dumb warrior/rogue weapon change tricks have been stopped, Druids' Cat Form has been improved, and other classes got some minor tweaks that made sense. Mages got no changes, but I'm fairly certain that's because they're going to wait and see how this pans out. Hunters and mages are the two major ranged damage classes; overhauling both at once would be no good. So, hopefully, I'll soon be back in business ... my downloading doesn't seem to be progressing terribly quickly.

I'm also glad that yesterday's patching went well. As deadline fires are burning, I made extra-sure mine got put out yesterday/last night, and so my part of the project is off a big boss's version of "The List". Means I can sleep better. Now I can relax a bit after a couple weeks of walking into the office ready to ask, "So, what's the problem of the day I'm going to inherit?"

- Pookah


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Sep. 14th, 2005 12:16 pm (UTC)
Isn't it fun to inherit other people's problems? I just had one dumped in my lap monday. We are doing the electrical work for Medieval Times in Georgia, and my boss got a very irate phone call from someone wondering where his stuff was. So about a half dozen of us were yoinked off of Xanadu to bail out the guy who got behind. Two days and some OT means we were only two days late, but I hate having that kind of situation dumped in your lap.

Worst part is, the guy who was designing should not be designing. He is a great draftsman, but, er, lacks the mental capacity to be evil, if you know what I mean. He was apparently given the design job due to internal politics I do not know, but it should have never been allowed to get so far behind. Oh well.
Sep. 17th, 2005 06:40 am (UTC)
HA you think YOU'VE got it bad:
This morning I get an emergency install for a client who has trainers on site monday morning. Not bad except for 100 things. First I had 3 installs scheduled today for people who are going to be done in 2 weeks. This throws off my install schedule which will throw off 3 more people's schedules. Next I find put that we need to install to an NT cluster server. Only 1 other person in the company had ever done a successful install of our software on cluster servers, and he's long since quit. Inevitably there are 600 problems installing it,but I get done after 6 hours. Nothing else got done and now we have 6 more angry clients, 4 installers who's schedules are messed up, one person who had an entire network overhaul pushed back from this week since I have to be in office monday to make sure things work. Plus the boss somehow thought I was supposed to do all my regular work, plus get the new tech trained on all of our software in the 2 days I've been back from vacation.

This could all have been avoided by having the new guy start next week (he's been twiddling his thumbs for a week and a half now), and by using some modicum of planning to make sure we didn't have an install the day before someone was to be on site.

I'm so getting another job.
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