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All About Audio

My car speakers have been degrading worse and worse for a while now. I've been itching to replace them, but my electronics skills are not quite up to par with my computer skills. And as they got worse, it bugged me more and more. Friday was the breaking point with the speakers. Even with the bass turned way down on my equalizer, it still had that nasty vibrating reverb effect on any bass note. Ewwwwwww. For someone with ears for music like mine, that's the fingernails on the chalkboard.

So today I finally got up the gusto to replace them. I started with removal. Tweeter had a tool that described my rear speakers as a pair of 6 1/2" rounds, but I measured just to make sure. I also noticed that my original speakers had a 6 ohm impedance, while all the ones available on-line or at the store were 4 ohm. Enough of a difference I'm a little cautious. I'll want to compensate (since the fronts are still 6) once I'm sure of the connection. Speaking of connectors, the speaker wires were held to the speaker contacts by these weird plastic clips. They required a LOT of tugging to remove. I didn't actually remove the wires from the clips until I had the new set. I was originally looking at Pioneers, but noticed that a pair of Sony's was comparable and cheaper. Sweet.

And despite Sony's website claim, it does fit my car. I'm only installing rear speakers. It's fine. I used the pre-existing mounting screws and rubber sockets and got a decent fit. One slides a little bit, but I might have stripped one of the screws. Plus the mat on top should help to keep it in place. The thing that concerns me right now is the impedance difference and the fact that the new speakers have + and - contacts labeled, but the old ones don't. I need to find a way to determine which is which on each speaker before I call it done. The wires don't help, they're a yellow/black pair and a light blue/dark blue pair. Time for a voltmeter. I fired them up (on way low) and got sound, so that's a good sign. Once I'm comfortable with the hookup I'll use some electrical tape to secure the connections and fix my sound settings for real.

Woo-hah. You never know what you can do until you try, yes indeed.

- Pookah

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