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More writing work!
More programming deadlines!
More friend visitation!
More hauling of stuff!
More planning, more packing, more preparation ...

I will not stress out ...
I swear I will not stress out ...
I'm really trying ...

But I was doing well until today's work was totally not the last thing I needed to get done before I go, and I now need to condense plenty of testing into maybe 12 hours, not to mention try out the FRICKIN' REWRITE that I had to do to end today.

It's not good for me. It really isn't. But I have a cure for fuming, and will try to not stew in my own juices over it. Too much. I'm leaving for GenCon tomorrow night, and that's that.

And RenFest is coming. And football season's coming. And the writing has to be done. And the computer's almost ready for the reinstall. And there's new work coming. And nifty new speakers (thanks to spiralsong and niyamas).

Just like with the Tahoe trip, there's just TOO MUCH that work keeps trying to get from me before I leave. I will do what I can, and plan to start transitioning items as early as possible. Thank goodness I'm getting a lift to the train tomorrow morning from wmtrainguy. I'm excited enough to be up at that hour, but I'm not going to be ready to drive a ton. And I still have to pack. Hoo boy.

Indianapolis, here I come. Have a good party, those of you that are partying. Have a good Otakon, those of you that are Otakon-ing. I may post from GenCon. We'll see. We'll see.

- Pookah

PS: I've been singing more, of the songs that I find are more suited to my voice. I figure it's the best practice I can get. Blown speakers (boy they're going downhill fast) are encouraging me to turn off the radio and make my own music.

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