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Back from Phoenix

And boy are my arms tired. Saturday was much better. After some dilly-dallying (buying film and sandals took way longer than expected) we went up to Sedona. Of course, we arrived just as the storms did at about 2:15. But me, I'm a trooper. I was dead set on a Jeep tour, and I knew the rain would at least ease up by that time. I lucked out, and even got a tour with the driver who trains the other ones. That eased my mind. And from the bumps and rocks, by the first stop I didn't feel motion sick, but I did regret downing the full glass of spiced cider I had right before the tour. That, thankfully, was easily correctible once we stopped and I wandered off into the scrub brush and cactus for a moment to commune with nature.

Anyway, the tour was a blast. Took plenty of pictures. I felt a lot better afterwards. We headed home, and then my brother-in-law had some night-time festivities to attend. So ... since previous evening outings had been scuttled, I tagged along. First, we played dress-up-the-Dave to make sure I could pass the door check at this brand new Scottsdale club called "E4". Four zones, each dedicated to an element. Four years construction (from scratch) at $10 million investment. We got there late (stupid 101 closure) and the line was already huge. We knew two people inside, but once they hit capacity we were stuck in line. After two hours of waiting outside and one girl near fainting, our crew split. Two other bars later and we were all just fine again, including a narrowly avoided fight with a drunken idiot screaming at the back of our friend's head for no reason.

Sunday was low-key. Shopping and playing "Children of the Nile" (link to follow). Yes, I got to be Pharoah Dave I, of the Dave Dynasty. I've barely gotten into the game, but it reminds me of a game called Majesty, where you give orders but don't directly control the people. Turn it from 2-D to 3-D and go full-out Egyptian and you've got a fun & inexpensive game. It will take more investigating.

And I read books 2&3 of Excel Saga, book 4 of A.I. Love You, one and a half Myth books (I'd fallen a bit behind), and took only two work phone calls. Not bad. Not bad. I call it a good trip.

- Pookah


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Aug. 5th, 2005 07:58 pm (UTC)
Okay Okay, I got to ask you this, who's your favorite Excel Saga chacter?
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