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And we're not even done yet. Today we are scheduled to head up to Sedona, for a couple of reasons. First off, it really is a spectacular looking place. The red rock spires are amazing, and sunsets over the rocks, and I myself wouldn't mind going on one of their jeep tours one of these days. Second, getting out of town to head north should drop the temperature a fair bit.

The trip has been good so far. The primary downside was that the graduate banged her knee real good on Wednesday at the hotel pool. We found out when we met them Thursday, but she's tried to soldier on as best she can. She did walk the stage yesterday. We all cheered, and used a few programs to write her name in big letters so we'd have a makeshift sign to hold up ... which got the attention of the PR photographer running around, so we had to sign a release form when they photographed us holding it up behind her after the graduation and taking our OWN pictures.

I've been ... weird. Mildly disturbed. The dreams haven't helped. It has been good to be away from the office for a while but still able to check email to keep tabs, but I have been a busyhead. I've tried to generally carry on, but it hasn't always worked, and my tone has been hard to manage. Once or twice my wife has noticeably stopped talking to me, but if she's not going to talk to me about it, then that's her prerogative. At the same time, I've been filling in my mental map of the area, and it really bugged me the first day when she didn't trust me to remember the directions to get somewhere. That kinda set the mood pretty low, and I'm not sure either of us is really over that. But it is impossible to get "us" time out here. There's always somebody around, or nearby.

And before I forget, last Wednesday, I got to spend a day in Ocean City with my parents, and that was absolute awesome. That was a vacation. Relaxing, no real schedule, sand between my toes, waves crashing on the beach nearby. I was in the surf for several hours. The waves were incredible, though we had to watch out for strong undertow and a nearby rip current. I really need to go back at some point, to actually blow off steam, but I doubt I'll get the chance. As my dad said, there's a difference between a trip and a vacation.

I had a blast, and even got a work phone call or two while there. While a little annoying, it wasn't too bad. The best part was that my gut instinct on the cause of the problem they were calling about was right. My hunches have tended to pay off lately. Well, that's all for now.

- Pookah


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Aug. 1st, 2005 03:08 pm (UTC)
that all just sounds downright depressing.... I think trips are often what we make of them. Whether something is a vacation ot not tend to depend on how relaxed we ourselves are determined to be. It you allow yourself to get really upset/angry/annoyed/etc about a communication issue over directions, you're setting yourself up to not have a fun and relaxing time. Sometime you just gotta let it go. Even if she did not, that's her prerogative, as you say. If she chooses not to relax and enjoy, fine, but it doesn't necessarily mean you HAVE to do the same thing...

I hope things got better.
Aug. 1st, 2005 03:31 pm (UTC)
GenCon in 2 weeks.
Just reminding you dude, GenCon. It's all that's keeping me at my desk working so I can afford the trip (or pretending to work as the case may be). Sorry to hear this trip has been so gruelling for you, but just remember: GenCon 2 weeks. As far as things go with the Mrs. I think you've both apparently been too tense if you guys are ao sensitive to something like that right now. I offer my services as a massuese (I can't spell it, but I can do it) if either of you require them. These hands are useful for something. :)
Enjoy the rest of your trip, see you soon!
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