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You'd think that deploying the site was enough. Well you'd be DEAD WRONG.


So, I spent 3 hours getting up to speed on what was going around the office, like the new org chart and chasing people down so some fixes can go into the next build, then lo and behold, they want me to basically take all my deployment planning for the weekend and condense it into a short redeployment. AUGH! Counting a coworker's (more on him another time) attempt to "help" with the situation, it took me and another coworker (different guy) FOUR HOURS to get the new environment all set up. And why is that? Someone didn't like a login name. You heard me. That's what it really boils down to.

Now, granted, I'm not going to loudly argue with the powers that be. Especially when my recovery sleep took me through today's all-hands meeting. I got a few looks today. I didn't mind. People had an idea of what I did and what I went through. The people tasked with the redeployment weren't too thrilled, but they held me no grudge. After all, I stuck around and helped set up the new environment, and only left when I was in real danger of missing the next to last train and being stuck in DC for an extra 2 hours. For the record, I did make sure they had the last possible thing I could help them with before leaving. I mean, I was packed and ready and I went back and booted my laptop back up just to send an email with attachments to a coworker so he'd know exactly what the last step would be.

At any rate, I got a couple calls about post-work happenings. People knew I'd need to blow off steam. Thankfully I now have time to burn, what with a trip to Phoenix coming up. To think I once wondered if I was taking too much vacation this year. It hasn't worked out that way. If nothing else, at least my company pays out for unused vacation time. If he didn't, I'd have to have a long chat with the boss about my hours.

Enough work ranting. I was initially semi-anti-social, but caved to the pull of wrestling. Finally found out what happened to dude who vanished after the Orioles game. Thankfully he lives. Got a ride home from a cousin, and later realized he was pretty tanked. Shocker. Seriously, I was wondering where his head was at. He seems to have realized he was a bit out of bounds. Also talked to my writing contact. I did okay ... so I'm still a professional (not fired) but they were hoping I wouldn't be so tight on a deadline (no big winner). I understand. I mean, the money tells me my work priorities, but I really hated how close I got to that last deadline.

All this, plus the upcoming O.C. trip. I really wish my wife could go with me. Tuesday is my uncle's birthday, so the family has been kinda planning to do the party thing down at the beach. I just want sand between my toes this summer. Well, I want that and another early morning good chat with the cutie as the sun rises over the great shiny expanse of ocean. I haven't been neglectful, but I have been omni-un-present due to stupid work issues over the past week-plus. Bleah. And Thursday is the company trip to the Washington Nationals game.

We'll see what the future holds. In the meantime, my inebriated post-Denny's self is going to get some zzzzz's and thank my lucky stars I'm working from home tomorrow.

- Pookah

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