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Jun. 25th, 2005

Yesterday was all right. Better than Thursday. Work went reasonably well. I had to catch a late train, but had enough time to grab a beer with a coworker before departing. I got to dinner, and there was spaghetti and mussels marinara. Actually, I used to think I hated eating all shellfish like that. But when made right (like last night) they just soak up the tomato and garlicky flavor.

Post-dinner & chat time, I was off to Orpheus. Pratt Street construction blocked it off near the main road, so I had to go past it and come back around. But that also meant I got great parking right across the street, because most people weren't bothering to come back that way or assumed there'd be no parking there. The music was decent ... some good Stabbing Westward, Depeche Mode, Psychedelic Furs, a Garbage remix, and I think there was some Type O Negative. I was told the music improved once about when I got there. And oddly enough, I walked into a two-attack-hug greeting from my sister and her roommate. *laugh* Have I mentioned I like hugs? I forgot to tell my sister about the coolness points she got from some of my friends for being the badass gamer chica she is.

My sister's boyfriend? Hammered. So hammered he got his foot stomped and didn't realize it was bleeding. At one point, he also admitted he originally thought I'd be freaked out going out with the two of them to a bar. So I set him straight. I was like, look, you two are a couple. Do the couple thing, I'm okay with that, but don't expect me to watch. Only worry about me if you piss her off. Besides, I honestly expect that if I have to step in to things, either it's because my sister can't or that he's is SO DEAD. But we kinda playact it up a bit. The fact that it's not close to being an issue makes it funny. But BOY did he get blitzed. His roommate ordered them the three wise men. My sobriety was questionable, but that's where the dancing comes in.

And I re-acquainted myself with a mutual friend of romandave, who is one of the many Daves I know. I'll call her C, for now. I mentioned that I know him as Roman Dave from his journal, and then mentioned mine. And at the sound of the word "pookah" she immediately asked, "Do you like Changeling?" Turns out she's in a monthly quality Changeling LARP. It's down College Park way, but hey, the last LARP I was invited to was southern PA. Makes me wonder about the Towson LARP scene. But C was also the most authentically goth among "our gang" there. Me? I broke out the black jean shorts, black socks, black trucker cap that says "INSANE", and my old KMFDM t-shirt. I didn't find anything better in my 60 second search. My hair is at the point where, with the cap forwards, I've got the Wayne from Wayne's World look down pat. I REALLY should have gone up to someone last night, given them a thumb's up and said, "Party on, Goth!" So I kept the hat backwards at first, then just ran it through the beltloop at the back of my shorts. If I put it down, I would've lost it. Speaking of lost items, my replacement cell phone is on its way ... BUT THAT MEANS I LOST ALL THE NUMBERS! NOOOOOOOO! Crap.

And I ran into the dude from days of yore. He looks a little different, but he's the same old Rob. He denied it to my face, made up some stories and got the hell outta there. Sad. It surprises me he's drifted that far into loser. Maybe he didn't recognize me, but he stared at me while I was at the bar with C. I mean, I've called him a bastard and an asshole, but he used to be proud of that. I guess he just really has finally pissed off a critical mass of people.

So we didn't close the bar down, but we were there late. I got into a groove on one song and got the attention of the rest of our gang AND the girl with nothing but electrical tape on above the waist. It just ... clicked. I don't know why I started. The music did it. But it was a good night. Even ended well. =)

- Pookah


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Jun. 27th, 2005 03:36 pm (UTC)
Pookah, if there is something or someone your sister can't handle, I haven't met it yet. Find out which server she's on, I've just been waiting for an excuse to get back to WoW.
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