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Status Report for Dasquish

Subtitled: "Get Off My Back, You Ass Clown."

Website NEARING completion, but is seems like there's always little tweaks.
Nearly bottomed out my checking account [California, doctors, et al], but survived.
Sold something on E-Bay thanks to the Buy-It-Now option. Took like 2 hours.
Got reminded to WRITE. SOON.
Finally made some new progress on Star Wars: KOTOR 2's evil path. Oddly enough, it actually is hard for me to stay completely dark side. I'm situationally dark. Callous and greedy is easy, retribution is easier, needlessly cruel ... notsomuch.
Work is sort of progressing, but next week will be the Week of Suckitude. Not that this week's a cakewalk, but next week is the awful deadline from hell. I'm basically going to be on the clock starting Monday, and better be done by Friday or I'm cooked.
Read MUCH manga. I've now read 13 books of Love Hina [I've got a known weakness for romantic comedy, particularly when it's heavy on the comedy], 2 books of Megatokyo [133t like Largo!], and the first book of FLCL. Yes, they made a print version of the show. Yes, it's just as WHACKED OUT.
I also discovered how to work the DVD recorder ... and recorded an episode of Samurai Champloo that made me laugh my ass off. I could barely believe it made it to American TV.

I've got more stuff coming up, as Thursday is work + company meeting + appearance at government mixer + anime night. Friday is dinner somewhere followed by beer from sister at Orpheus [a aforementioned goth club in town]. She's taking a bunch of friends, and I haven't been there in a while. This weekend will probably be much writing and some computer repair for my uncle. Monday will probably be wrestling like usual, and Tuesday night I have tickets to the Orioles vs. the Yankees.

I also purchased myself a ticket to the MC Chris show July 14th at the Ottobar. He's coming "back to where it all began" according to his website. Simply put, MC Chris pwns. And there's more concerts coming up. And a trip to Phoenix. And news on the costume front. Shhhhhhhhhh. But I'll get into all that another time.

- Pookah

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