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Busy, busy, busy

The whirlwind continues, though I'd tried to minimize the outside-of-9-to-5 work I'd been doing. The next piece is creeping up on me, but it won't be nearly as bad as the last part. So here's another piece of the life of a busyhead pookahthing.

Thursday - Work, followed by anime night. Plenty of Inuyasha, and several good Miroku moments in there as well.
Friday - Work, followed by dinner at a friend's house as usual, accompanied by "portable anime" (Rock ON! Laptop rules!) from Samurai Champloo to Air to part of an episode of Neon Genesis Evangelion. Followed by late night cribbage until the sun came up. Oh yeah, and I had two good homebrew beers and did some serious damage on a bottle of white zinfandel. Late cards let me sober up plenty, but I feel kinda bad that a couple attendees thought to bring caffeine-free soda for me and I didn't have any. Then again, it should be there when I go back, and then I'll make myself drink it.
Saturday - I woke up LATE. Like noon. Wine festival with plenty of sampling and fondue in a bread bowl, followed by sushi and an almost comedy trip that got rescheduled on me. As in rescheduled without me.
Sunday - ... umm ... something. Can't remember now, it was so long ago. Sunday evening was the ECW One Night Only wrestling pay-per-view. Good time had by all, and a lot of "holy crap" moments.
Monday - Work, followed by the monday night gang watching wrestling. With beer. Followed by watching part of an episode of Jerry Springer that featured a friend of ours. Wow. All I can say is wow.
Tuesday - Work, followed by a trip into Baltimore to see the musical production of The Lion King at the Hippodrome in Baltimore. I parked at the Baltimore Arena lot. Easy to find, and only a couple blocks away. It was a good show, and really liked the creativity of the sets and the costumes. You should have seen the four-person elephant.
Wednesday - Work, followed by a mad dash into Baltimore to work on my uncle's computer to remove a virus and some spyware (as planned) followed by a mad dash back into downtown to go to the Orioles game. I was late, but traffic was horrible on my way to my uncle's and I wasn't going to blow off my uncle. I got lucky when he agreed to get home earlier than my original planned arrival time of 8:30 pm. That would have ruled me out of a 7 pm game. But I killed the spyware and made it to the game by 8 pm. And the Orioles won. Rock on. Third night out of four that I saw the wrestling gang. Traffic leaving the game was a little messy due to some downtown construction, so I took the long way and cut through town. Before I forget, I also did a proposal write-up on the train on my way home. Forgot the milestones, but I figure those will be set in discussion on Friday.

Future hecticness:
Today - Work, followed by anime night. Should start light coding work for something due soon.
Tomorrow - Work, followed by dinner, maybe some more coding, and should start brainstorming for my writing. I'll need to get cracking this weekend to make sure I comfortably meet my deadline.
Saturday - I've got an invite for my wife and I to go with last week's comedy gang to another show, and this time it's a quarter mile away AND they know I'm interested in going. Hopefully my wife is too. I should also touch base with my uncle and see if I can install some things like XP Service Pack 2 on his computer, since I didn't have time Wednesday night.

So it may be Sunday before I catch my breath again. We'll see.

- Pookah


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Jun. 20th, 2005 11:46 pm (UTC)
Could you send me a status report? I know your busy but the boss is really snapping at my heels to get something on his desk. I'd really appreciate it. If you need me, I'll be at the golf course. Sucker. :)
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