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Uber-crapola. In being swamped with website wrap-up since coming back from California, it took me a couple days to find the time to get to the bank, and I really hadn't been on my desktop computer very much. I spent enough time on my laptop that even I wanted away from the screen a bit. So for several I was either home and working or out and about somewhere. And wouldn't you know it, I might have just missed a writing opportunity in not responding quickly.

And ... the end of the website work kept being just a little more, and just a little more, and just a little more. Until I end up working on it all day Sunday to the point that I eventually had to quit and do SOMETHING else. So I played Star Ocean and got right up to the end, then stopped because it was late and I had more work to do. Taking screenshots never goes as quickly as you think.


I'm mainly just tired and cranky, but I'm going to make a point of telling my boss at my review that I NEED my own personal time, to "recharge the batteries" if nothing else. The current pace is unsustainable. Then again, we're also supposed to openly discuss bonus/salary expectations and realities. At his request of all the employees.

- Pookah

PS: Don't ask me to send a frickin' status report when I'm passing out at the keyboard at 4am DOING the damn work, already!

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