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T-4 hours to Departure

Well, I made a major milestone, even if I came up short on the website thing. And I made it as easy as possible for the next guy to pick it up and run with it.

I also find it tough to consider the fact that I'll be pretty much computer-less for 10 days. Gotta leave the laptop behind. Partly on request of my wife, partly on request on my boss (in case they really can't get things to compile on someone else's laptop). Now that would be weird ... having my parents loan my laptop to my boss while I'm hours away. Not a big deal, but still kind of a weirdness to it.

So instead, I'm taking my Pocket PC. Which I finally hooked up to my laptop again. Something I had kept meaning to do anyway. So I copied over plenty of MP3's so I've got some music for the trip. AirTran also has XM radio going on, if I remember correctly. I forget what airlines we're flying and when. Not too critical yet.

I'll probably also do some writing while I'm out there. Just because I can. But no posting. Like it or not, I'll probably be actively kept away from computers.

Take care and sleep well,

- Pookah

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