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T-30 hours to California Departure

I'll be gone from all communication for a week and a half, and it really doesn't feel like it. The only way I know there's vacation coming up is that all my deadlines are this week, even for things that would have been next week, therefore I am SLAMMED.

So I spent today catching up and almost got there. One last website page is fighting me tooth and nail. I should be able to finish it tonight, though, and I really really need to, because I want to keep my word. I said I would have it done.

Plus, I've been spending most of my waking hours working with just enough social steam-blowoff time to keep from losing my mind. Tonight was awesome, getting in some hangout time and cardage between a rough day of coding and a night of some continuing coding.

I'd have loved to have been able to use this week to prepare, to start to relax before we left, but it's been pretty bad. I woke up this morning with such cramps in my legs. They painfully locked up HARD twice. Not my cup of tea. I'm not down with immobility.

The other thing I want time to do is clean. Clean my desk and my card table. I've been too busy to take the time to get my workspaces uncluttered, and that keeps my mind from being uncluttered. It's weird how the physical state has an impact on my mentality. It's like throwing aways some of the scraps of paper is like throwing away random thoughts from my mind.

And on a side note, Zegerid can have a side effect of making you light-headed or dizzy. I wondered about that. I've been a touch slippy lately.

- Pookah

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