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Apr. 27th, 2005

I think I'm ready. I'm getting things back in line. Getting that drive back.

I spent most of today in meetings, and my paperwork went through faster than expected. I've got an opinion that has a decent amount of respect, and when I talk people usually hear me out. I've managed to deliver what's been asked of me so far, and have managed to get involved in a few things without getting too deeply into it.

Thursday I find out about my stomach. I'm ... apprehensive. I have suspicions. Well, a hunch. We'll see.

I'm torn about Friday. Would it be worth it? Is it going to work out? Looks like it could be good, but there's definitely some things that would need to be resolved.

I've watched a fair bit of Neon Genesis Evangelion in the past week. Up through Episode 21 now. 14 was Monday, and started out as mostly a recap/highlights episode. The second half was an interesting short bit, though. It's really started to get weird, but I might look up some of the religious references at some point.

How do I ... no, not now. Maybe later.

I did do a bunch of writing on the train home on Monday. Some more towards one of my stories. Took me a while to pull the mental image back up, but once I did it started moving again. I needed to get to know the characters again, and I rediscovered my plot hook ... and discovered it wasn't quite what I thought it would be. I'd managed to put in an additional layer I didn't originally realize was even there. I hope it turns out.

Maybe I'll futz with CVS later. I need to, eventually ... but more importantly I can't lose what code I've got.

I do worry about you guys ... take care, for now.

- Pookah

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