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It's official. I am addicted to Knights of the Old Republic 2. I survived the XBox release waiting for the PC version. I stalled buying it, and I knew just how much it would sink its fangs into me. I've gotten decently far, and am currently walking around as a Jedi usually defended by the two ladies of butt-kicking: Visas Mar and the Last Handmaiden of Atris. Not that they trust each other much, mind you. But I learned more reason for sparks between them once a fiery redhead of a bounty hunter named Mira joined my motley crew. I'd already gotten to know some backstory about everyone else on board so I chat her up a bit and she jumps ahead, telling me to cool my jets and that she doesn't want to be just "part of my entourage". *rolleyes* PS: For the unaware, the Exile is the main character of the game, and can be either a guy or a girl, lightside or darkside, depending on what you want to play.

I also found a freakin' cool artist by the pen name of Aimo who has done some really awesome artwork, including some KOTOR2-inspired art.

Atton and The Exile
Atton and the Exile

Men, if you like that sort of thing
The Disciple, Bao-Dur, and Atton - debatably, the hunks of KOTOR2

These are the moments that make life so good.

The Last Handmaiden sometimes trains sans armor. Any armor.
The Last Handmaiden sometimes trains sans armor. Any armor.

I dig. She's got some comics, too. She brings the funny.

Comic page

Rule! Okay, enough stalling brain, back to it. Now.

- Pookah

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