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Apr. 11th, 2005

It turned out to be a very busy weekend for me, as I slept for at least 10 hours Friday and Saturday nights ... and worked at least 5 hours on Saturday and Sunday. I only did a little of the yardwork on Sunday, but I cooked dinner. Beef Stroganoff. The sauce and noodles turned out just fine, but I should've cut the beef into smaller strips so it would have cooked more thoroughly in the middle when I browned it ... that's what I get for following directions instead of testing. I hoped it would cook more in the sauce. It wasn't uncooked in the middle, but definitely more rare than she considered edible.

Maybe I'll have to resign myself to the split main course thing when I want beef. We'll see. My next two projects will be chicken dishes. After that, I think I'll be brave enough to try the roast chicken plan on my own. Have to see if I can remember all the veggies and spices, not like I could forget the garlic ... hoo boy. Minced garlic cloves AND garlic powder on the chicken. More importantly, I should write down temperatures and cook times.

Well, back to it. Break's over. At least, I'll tell myself that.

- Pookah

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