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Last night's Glen Phillips concert helped remove the remaining stigma of the endoscopy from my brain. It was the waiting, that was the worst. Gotta remember to make a follow-up appointment.

Anyway, the concert ruled. The opening act was called Blue Merle, and they were really good. Had a stand-up bass and a fiddle player, and they were very good at making a layered, textured sound. Apparently they're really catching on, and will be supporting the Dave Matthews Band later this year, followed by their own first headlining tour. Glen, as usual, was in awesome form. He had a backup band with him, a keyboardist, a bass player, and a drummer. The highlight of the night for me was when he sent the rest of the band off-stage and grabbed an electric acoustic guitar. He played Windmills, and I absolutely adore that song. In the middle of another song, the power went out ... turns out it was the whole block. So, Glen stays on stage and does some sing-along songs lit by emergency lighting. He pulled songs from his solo material and the Toad catalog, and even his version of Randy Newman's "Political Science" (the subtitle is "Drop the Big One Now"). A few songs later the power was back on and the band came back out. So he was on stage for close to two hours, including the encore.

Such a great show. But ... now I've got work to do. I spent 5 hours on this beautiful day making changes to web-page mockups, and have some directions to write. And my boss wants some more changes. I think I've figured out why it's tough to get motivated during the week. It's because my weekends are no vacation.

Ah well. Grr. I'm taking a walk at 5 pm, darnit.

- Pookah

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