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Awake again, with sea-legs

I'm a little stumbly, but I'm done. I'm through to the other side. Wasn't as bad as I feared. I get WAY chatty when nervous. I needed to know the people involved in the procedure, to trust them. The anesthesiologist. His name was Gary. I remember pretty clearly before that ... and when he finally applied the medicine into the IV I tried to just rest and go with it. He said, "When I give you the medicine, just relax, don't fight it." I tried to think of that as I felt the tingle sensation coming up my arm. It rolled like one of those angular ocean waves on a windy day that just walks up a mile of shoreline a few feet at a time.

I slept and dreamed, but instead of my usual movie-vision crystal-clarity dreams, this one was like it was filmed through a fuzzy lens. There was this general brightness, like how a thick fog gets illuminated by sun. Then I woke up in recovery hearing a nurse call my name. It's weird, how the feeling of wobbliness has been fading upwards and downwards. It was just like waking up in the morning. I got chatty with the nurses, because conversation helps me get conscious. I hope I didn't put them behind schedule as being a distraction. But that's also me being thankful with everyone for being patient with me through this "ordeal". And I'll be giving a hefty thanks to everyone who gave me support.

Walking is still a little awkward, but it's like sealegs. Or a non-brain drunkenness minus the full tummy. So, we'll see how the day goes from here. I do have one thing to do for work (by 8 pm) and also tonight's concert. I hope the memory fuzz doesn't affect my ability to sing ... for I know I'll be singing along with Glen. I always do. And screw anyone who's too close to me and complains.

That's why they tell you not to drive after anesthesia. That feeling of "Ah, screw it." I can see how that could be bad. We sat in the driveway for a while after we got home, just chatting before coming in. Movement is something I'll get back eventually.

Time for lunch, since I couldn't eat since late last night. And then I'll need to schedule an appointment with my doctor to find out the results. He took some pictures and a biopsy or two. I may just need to switch to avoid caffeinate. Years of Coca-Cola are catching up with me, I guess. Ah well. Caffeine Free Coke isn't so bad; I actually kinda like it.

- Pookah

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